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Gersh Kuntzman that some of his signature issues at the heart of his campaign were not meant to be taken literally, but as opening bids for negotiation.” Lesley Stahl of ’60 Minutes’ interviews President-elect Donald Trump. (60 Minutes/CBS) What followed wasn’t a classic “60 Minutes” grilling, but 60 minutes of wiggling. this postStahl told Trump that people who didn’t vote for him are protesting and are in fear. His answer? “They don’t know me.” So Stahl pointed out that anyone who listened to Trump’s aggressive rhetoric during the campaign – a toxic stew of American masculinity, disrespect for immigrants, anti-black profiling, scorn for abortion rights – might have reason to be afraid. And Trump just rolled his eyes as if to say, “Campaign, schmampaign.” As if what he said in the past simply does not matter. Stahl alluded to the problem that all journalists will have during the next four years pinning down the Twittery presiden. (60 Minutes/CBS) Swastika spray-painted in heart of the Jewish area’ of Brooklyn She asked Trump if he will persist in his campaign promise to appoint a special prosecutor to put Hillary Clinton in jail. “I’m going to think about it,” he said, before continuing meaninglessly, “She did some bad things…I don’t want to hurt (the Clintons). They’re good people.

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(Courtesy photo | For comments Recently closed for the season, Cherry Valley Golf Course is under agreement of sale to a nonprofit land-preservation group as public open space. The Nature Conservancy is on target to close in January on the $1.7 million purchase of the 193-acre golf course at 2138 Croasdale Road, off Cherry Valley Road just north of the Northampton-Monroe county border, said Bud Cook, who is managing the purchase. “We have either funds in the bank or pledges over the next year and a half or so but they’re firm pledges,” Cook said Friday, “firm enough, so that we’re confident that we can move forward.” The conservancy’s plan is to immediately transfer ownership of the land to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to become part of the Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge. The clubhouse at the golf course is expected to be converted into a headquarters and visitors center for the refuge, which now spans some 500 acres. “The service also plans to establish a trail system and restore Cherry Creek before opening both to the public for hiking and fishing,” The Nature Conservancy said in a news release Friday announcing the purchase. “Plans also include transforming greens and fairways into native habitat to attract species found within the broader refuge including bats, bald eagles and other birds of prey, fresh water mussels, wildflowers and migratory birds.” interview skills training for job seekersThe golf cart path at Cherry Valley Golf Course is planned for conversion into a nature path accessible to people with disabilities, and the clubhouse is expected to become headquarters and a visitors center for the Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge. (Courtesy photo | For An 18-month fundraising campaign for the purchase was jump-started with a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and has also included proceeds from a pig roast, hotel tax money from Monroe County , earned income tax money from Stroud Township and an online campaign spearheaded by Friends of Cherry Valley, a local conservation group. Friday’s announcement comes a day after ESSA Bank and Trust Foundation pledged money toward the purchase, as part of its 100th anniversary celebration, according to the conservancy. “The project represents the same kind of partnership with communities, government agencies, nonprofits, private foundations and individual supporters that formed to establish the Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge in 2008,” says Bill Kunze, executive director of the conservancy’s Pennsylvania Chapter, in the release. “We are glad to lead the effort to add this iconic property to the refuge.” Located within the Pocono Mountains in Smithfield and Stroud townships, Monroe County, the golf course boasts a significant amount of healthy forestland, the conservancy says.

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