An A-to-z On Vital Elements In Specialist Training For Registrar

Its just not fair to be baited and switched, said Gentieu, who must find a new doctor because her physician of several years will not be in any available plans in her area next year. Its just so crazy that youre presented with this big list of doctors and then you call them and you realize theres nobody there. As consumers review their coverage and shop for 2017 insurance through the federal health laws online marketplaces during the annual open enrollment period, many of the directories they are using are outdated and inaccurate. Some doctors in the directories are not accepting new patients and some are not participating in the network, say experts, brokers and consumers. Still other physicians in the directories, who are listed as in-plan, charge patients thousands of dollars extra per year in concierge fees to join their practices. There continue to be inaccuracy problems, said Justin Giovannelli, a Georgetown University professor, who studies coverage under the health law. Flawed directories are a real barrier to accessing the care and accessing the insurance consumers have purchased. President-elect Donald Trump has pledged to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, which created the marketplaces. But insurers doctor lists are likely to remain a problem no matter what the law looks like, consumer advocates say. Knowing which doctors and specialists are available within a plan is critical, as patients who visit a physician outside a plans network must pay much if not all of the cost. The effect from flawed directories is even greater this year, as carriers have stopped offering coverage in many markets, meaning many consumers have only one or two insurers to choose from.

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Its about accountability. Its about whether Ongwen was responsible for the atrocities or not, Herman von Hebel, the ICC registrar, told reporters on Monday in the Ugandan capital, Kampala. Sympathy In northern Uganda, epicentre of the two-decade-long insurgency, Ongwen is not uniformly thought of as a monster. Among many former LRA child soldiers, now back in their communities after amnesty and reconciliation programmes, there is sympathy. Like Ongwen, they were forced to commit serious crimes, and some fault the government for not having protected them. He is a victim and click reference not an abuser, Thomas Otim, a former LRA combatant, told IRIN. Ongwen, like many of us, had to obey and execute Konys orders. If he didnt, he could have been killed. He should be forgiven and pardoned. Even some LRA victims agree with Otim. Sarah Angee lost her parents and relatives in an LRA attack in her northern home district of Amuru.

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