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In North Carolina the issue is the boundaries for its congressional districts, while in Virginia state legislative districts are contested. Both states say they face two competing pressures. The Voting Rights Ac t requires them to consider race when redistricting so that minority voting rights are not diluted. But past Supreme Court rulings have held that race cannot be the predominant factor when the maps are redrawn. Play GOP redistricting scheme blocked by court 9:14 autoplay autoplay Copy this code to your website or blog North Carolina is accused of packing African-American voters into two congressional districts the First, which the challengers describe as “a behemoth sprawling from the rural Coastal Plain to the City of Durham,” and the Twelfth, a narrow band than arcs from Charlotte to Greensboro and has been described as the nation’s most oddly shaped district. The challengers say the state packed in more African-American voters even though they were already electing minority candidates by forming coalitions with white voters. There was no need, their lawsuit says, to add more minority voters, which diminished their voting strength in other districts. “The State of North Carolina wrote the book on racial gerrymandering,” says Washington, DC lawyer Marc Elias, who represents the challengers in both cases. The state acted “to string together disparate black communities from far-flung parts of the state.” North Carolina says politics, not race, was the main factor in drawing the new maps.

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Training and development specialists organize or deliver training sessions using lectures, group discussions, team exercises, hands-on examples, and other formats. About one-fifth worked more than 40 hours per week in 2014. Sign up today to receive information about new in-person and on-line Teacher training offerings. contact-form-7 id”85” title”Get it now” There are no publish courses available yet. Attend meetings or seminars to obtain information for use in training programs or to inform management of training program status. Note that Customized Employment is offered twice. The Medicine in Remote Areas MIRV course is the only course at present to be endorsed by the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care, Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh. Ensure overseas training missions are in compliance with government and country requirements and complement other training types…. Specialist offers a huge range of courses and consultancy services to a wide variety of customers throughout the UK. on-line Basic Certification Training includes two face-to-face support days Each on-line training consists of on-line content modules and two in-person, face-to-face meetings with EST trainers.  “I loved this course!

Executing a corporate sustainability strategy is usually a challenge though. Many top consultancies have already begun practising sustainability consulting or at the minimum have publications devoted to the area. Studies show that taking a partial approach to sustainability is inadequate and often fail. Notably, some consulting firms are not only creating a sustainability practice but they are also integrating sustainability thinking into all its other practices. Management consultants are in a prime position to introduce corporate sustainability to companies and governments worldwide. They advise on ways to reduce client costs, add value to clients’ operations, and increase client competitiveness – both of which can be achieved by employing corporate sustainability within corporations. Although it should be noted that established consulting firms have much bigger budges and greater resources to develop their sustainability practices. Some currently offer sustainability consulting as a component of their risk and change management practices.

The agreement covers 28 countries and will add a further 700 users to the Rainmaker platform, with the potential to grow in the future. In addition to the solution itself, Ascensia will also be working with Agnitio Services, for complete support on implementation, training, analytics and project management. Ascensia will integrate Rainmaker with their CRM system and deploy content to both iOS and Windows tablets. Elaine Pearton, Global Digital Marketing Manager at Ascensia Diabetes Care said: “Rainmaker enables us to provide a quality multichannel experience to healthcare professionals while being easy to work with. In particular, we were attracted to Rainmaker’s ability to re-use content across channels. This, combined with the ease of adapting materials, enables Ascensia to respond even faster to the needs of healthcare professionals.” Lars Diemer, Agnitio CEO, said: “This is an important agreement for Agnitio and a recognition of the value that our investment in Rainmaker brings life science companies. We look forward to developing our partnership with Ascensia and ensure they achieve their communication objectives within diabetes care.” About Agnitio Agnitio creates digital communication solutions for the life sciences. The company’s work is anchored in the belief that technology can make communication more relevant for healthcare professionals and patients. By providing systems that impact at an individual level – and solve people’s real problems – Agnitio’s solutions enable life science companies to deliver high value to physicians and their patients to improve treatment outcomes. About Ascensia Diabetes Care Ascensia Diabetes Care is a global specialist diabetes care company, medical residency interview guide dedicated to helping people living with diabetes.

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