Some Professional Guidance On Picking Elements For Interview For Orthopaedics

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – If you’re trying to find the perfect gift idea for a senior in your house, here’s something that would actually be a good gift for any age – yoga classes. Dr. Mimi Zumwalt is a Texas tech physician and world champion body builder says even when arthritis slows you down, yoga is a good prescription. She explains, “Yoga helps because it works on your balance and stabilize your muscles. and that’s what you need to support your joints. So if you build the muscles surrounding the joints, that will take the pressure off the joints and it will help the pain from arthritis.” Dr. Zumwalt says Tai Chi is another exercise that can do the same thing. In fact, she says researchers at Texas Tech have been studying Tai Chi to determine the many benefits, including better balance to prevent falls. As tranquil and relaxing as those exercises look, Dr. Zumwalt says you can’t expect instant results. She says it takes 3 to 6 weeks of practice to perfect the technique.

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